The ADOPT A PRECINCT program is designed to increase community participation in the voting process of Wilson County while providing a monetary incentive to qualified civic groups for their participation. By partnering with the Wilson County Election Commission in this groundbreaking effort you will be part of an initiative that will forge alliances to address the continual need for committed, dedicated, capable and customer oriented poll workers.

Being a Poll Worker is like being a “paid volunteer”. The pay and frequency of elections is not great enough or often enough to be a job anyone would take for “the money”.

The role of a Poll Worker in holding elections is one that is often overlooked by the voters but is not a job to be taken lightly. Poll workers are required to satisfy training requirements before each election, to be on the job for at least 13 hours on one specific day, and must enjoy working with the public. Poll workers should be educated in election civics, but must be non- political in performing their duties. Bottom line- Poll Workers are patriotic individuals that believe in the greatness of our republic and are willing to set aside a few days from their lives for a small stipend to ensure that the integrity of every vote is protected.

We are excited about the opportunity for the Election Commission to provide the voters of Wilson County with the very best voting experience possible while providing your organization the opportunity to raise funds for your projects.



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